How Technology Is Changing The Face Of The Casino

The way we interact with the people around us and the world at large have over the last couple of years been greatly reshaped by a lot of exciting technological innovations. Truth be told, suffice it to say how we interact as humans across the globe are still being redesigned by these scores of incredible innovations that make our lives easier and better. A smartphone, for instance, has become a one-stop tool for taking and sharing photos, taking and watching videos, internet browsing, travel, communication and even high-definition gaming. The smartphone is a specific gadget that has not only greatly advanced within a rather short space of time but also now has an unbelievable substantial effect on our professional, social and personal lives. The smartphone, without a doubt, is one little yet very handy mobile machine. It is a small device capable of doing wonderful and incredible things that are too many to mention.

  • This particularly very useful innovation i.e. smartphone has altered the way we socialize. The myriads of social media and messaging apps we now use is a testimony to that.
  • The smartphone has also altered the way in which we shop. With the aid of the many available online retail stores, shopping has got more and more exciting and even easier.
  • The smartphone has even altered the way we get around through the help of maps and the more sophisticated global positioning system (GPS) accessible on the mobile device.
  • In the same vein, developers have come up with many novel and interesting application for people to enjoy with their smartphones and other mobile devices such as iPad and tablets.
  • It is these fantastic applications that we are able to use on our various mobile devices that have had a considerable amount of impact on certain industries in recent times.
  • A good example of an industry that has been impacted greatly by the introduction and explosion of smartphones is the online gaming industry. This industry has seen great growth.
  • The casino industry is one of such online gaming industry that has quickly evolved into a mobile-based gaming industry thanks to the sudden great increase in usage of smartphones.

The remainder of this article focuses on the way technology – particularly the advent of the smartphone and similar mobile devices such as tablets has affected the casino industry.Over the years, gambling has been quite a widespread pastime but much recently a completely new audience of prospective punters have been revealed since operators of casinos started providing digital alternatives.This can be attributed to the evidently increased

access to the internet across the globe. In most countries of the world, there are service providers that offer internet access at affordable prices. As a result of this discovery of a market of prospective online punters, a lot of online casinos now exist where one can play a variety of casino games for free or stake real money.Due to the expediency of Wi-Fi connections and mobile application stores such as iOS and Google Play Store, from any place we may

be at any time, more and more of us can easily decide to download and start playing our choice casino games in the twinkle of an eye. Worthy of note is the fact that there are many interesting online casino games that are easy to play for casino players experienced in real life gambling. Their concepts are similar. As for real life amateur gamblers, they can easily learn how to play these games in the online casinos to the help of their website These games include poker, roulette, bingo, blackjack, slot machines, etc.In point of fact, most people that play blackjack, roulette or poker for example, in online casinos via their smartphones have never played any of these games in real life, in a real casino. The steady increase in the number of owners of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets also meant that people of all ages have now started to discover online gaming. This new incursion of online gamblers – notably most of whom may have not any time set their foot inside a typical actual casino made of bricks and mortar – has made it possible for online casino operators to constantly earn profits. To further buttress my point, I shall give some statistics which show how technology – particularly smartphones have helped reshaped and ultimately boosted the casino industry. The profits amassed between November of 2013 and November of 2014 by mobile casinos found on the popular iOS operating system increased by a staggering 55%. Meanwhile, just the non-betting market has a value in the neighbourhood of £1.7 billion ($2.7 billion).The above figure represents the online casino gambling market that does not involve staking real money i.e. gambling with real money. It is the revenue generated from gamblers who gamble online simply for fun. If the iOS value is that high, one can only imagine the worth of casinos that are available on the Google play store which is the store used by millions of Android users all over the world.

As at this year we are halfway into, 2017, the real money market i.e. where gamblers stake real money online is believed to be worth well above a whopping $100 billion dollars. To say this had had an effect on the casino industry as a whole is an understatement. The numbers alone show without a doubt that it has really had a weighty impact on the industry. Apart from fully online casinos, almost all casino operators now offer their players some kind of online mobile-based digital alternative. After all, it generates more revenue. Also, the idea of gambling online is now open to more and more countries across the globe. Whatever country you are in, once you have internet access, you can become a gambler in an online casino of your choice. With this development, suffice it to say the effect of online casinos on traditional casino games such as roulette, slot machines and poker will be enormous.

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